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Aruba Happy Lashes Salon is a one place for all your beauty needs. With different Beauty Services; best standards in Cleanliness and Sanitization, best service techniques; Aruba Happy Lashes Salon could draw an edge in the Beauty Market. Our services include but not limited to Nail Therapy, Manicure & Pedicure, Hair Treatment, sculpture Cut, Shaping and styling, Hair Coloring, Skin treatment and therapy, all performed by an expert and friendly teams. Aruba Happy Lashes Salon exists in Mall PALM BEACH PLAZA 129A. Our Mission starts with becoming the premier salon in Aruba& employer of choice in the beauty services industry, towards ensuring that our team is always at the expectations of our valuable clients providing them superior services with the highest best quality beauty products. We proudly are using the best world-wide brands. You should visit us and witness a transformation of beauty..


Aruba Happy Lashes Salon is a place to relieve all your beauty concerns. It is the place to relax and get a beauty transformation that I had never seen before in a clean and hygienic environment. WOW!! Let people say so ... When you visit our beauty salon, you will leave with the expectation that you will always return. WOW!!! Let people say it ... just because you deserve it. Our teams await you with high-end products and experienced artists.

Natural Atmosphere

highly quality products and services Aruba Happy Lashes.

Beautiful life

To provide a memorable pleasant experience to our valuable clients.

Cost effectiveness

It is different from any other beauty salon in terms of professionalism and profitability.


Aruba Happy Lashes is a place to relieve all your beauty concerns. It is the place to relax and get a beauty transformation.



Classic lashes

The classic one by one hair extension method. This gives your lashes a naturally enhanced appearance. Our most popular look. Making you look like you’re wearing mascara when you’re not.   

 60 minutes



Glamourous lashes

The 2D hybrid volume. Adds thickness and definition to your lashes. The glamourous set makes your eyes pop with look at me lashes.

90 minutes



Gorgeous lashes         

The 3D volume. Bold and scandalous. You can’t go wrong with this eye-catching set of lashes.  Be stunning. Be outstanding. Be gorgeous.

120 minutes



Diva lashes

The ultimate volume. Definition and curl. Our most dramatic look, ideal for those that want an over the top set of lashes. Be bold. Be daring. Be diva.

  150 minutes



Extravagant mink lashes

Upgrade your lashes with this exclusive method. This is the highest quality of lash extensions. Our Siberian Mink Lashes are 100% real mink for the softest and most extravagant lash experience.

Silk lashes

Silk lashes are lighter than typical eyelash extensions allowing them to flex and tapper to perfection. Ultra soft and made of raw silk synthetic fiber, these lashes create a luscious and glamourous look. Experience the eye opening results of silk lashes for yourself.

Lash Lifting

Strip Lashes



Add to your lashes extensions

  • Colors
  • Swarovski stones & gems




Dry manicure  20 minutes

Try this unique sensation and prepare to experience the world’s leading waterless manicure. Provide a more hygienic, faster and complete service.                                                               




Eyebrow tinting 20 minutes

Eyebrow extension 60 minutes    





Dry pedicure 20 minutes

Try this unique sensation and prepare to experience the world’s leading waterless pedicure. Provide a more hygienic, faster and complete service.


  • Back massage treatment.
  • Full body, Exfoliating Polish and Scented Moisture massage Treatment.
  • Sweet massage treatment.

Microblading   60  minutes

Eyebrow waxing    20 minutes

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